Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bard returns

Life's truth are easy. When speed kills, take a pause.When pause dithers your energy, push the accelerator. When you have no idea whether you are speeding or you are dithering, meditate. When meditation does not bring focus, drink two glass of water, and play with a kid for two hours, the way he wants...
Bard paints a easy scenario of uneasy methods. People in the village are all getting ready for the great revolution. Everybody is dressed in the best fineries. There is hum and there is glitter. Young are full of speed. Old are trying the catch-up. Children are just a tag-along. The great procession of prosperity is about to turn into a tornado. Who knows?
Bard is vigilent. Swift with the business, soft with the soul. There are great projections in his mind. But there is the royal protocol- bow. Who can stand the whirlwind. Who can take the blow and spring back into inspiring straightness?

When there is interspersed silence, he stands on the edge with a flickering lamp. There is wind...but there is light. There is hum, but there is calm. There is bard, but there is no one.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pondy Muses

On the banks of Pondicherry beach, bard watches the waves hitting the rocky bank. Not every waves has energy; not every rise is powerful; not every hit is thundering; There are quiet patches in between the two thuds. There is a build up, that is interspersed with some light and some bold strikes of energy. Far beyond, the look is still serene, while the edge is turbulent.

My last birth was as a Tamil; singing the grand legacy of Dravidian songs, with might red soil and blue waters of the sea as a company. The reflective glances of the youth; method and simplicity of the experienced, grace and perseverance of the feminine power all are embedded in me. I nurtured the Aryan culture and saved it from extinction from the up north.

At Aurobindo Ashram, there is an aura of nothing ness. There is more serenity in the flowers on the Samadhi then the person begone. At least that is what the picture presented to me. No messages for commoners, only the learned, rather highly learned can dare to launch on to Aurobindo. For others, that is only an image of a seer and not the seer himself.

What can divide humanity more then having a ‘black town’ and ‘white town’ in India (erstwhile Pondicherry). Red caps of the police men are an oddity. Red is a scarlet red almost; does not come from the Indian palette. White man divides, brown man unites, and the black remain enslaved in the warps of time. ‘There should be no religion’, shouts the board in Aurovile; in the land of great Shankara who saw the unity in diverse existence (Advait). Such contrasts are possible in the land of the sublime; the land of essential; the land of eternal and the land of possible. Salutes to the spirit of India!

When the peace dawns, let me be meditating in the open sea stretches of southern tip. South is the east of India.

Monday, February 04, 2008

मधुरिमा कब तक

उलझेतारों से लड़ता कब तक,
एक अकेला जगता कब तक
रात गहराती नींद सताती,
सूने आस्मान को तकता कब तक।

एक अकेला गाता फिरता
गलियों का बेबाक सिकंदर,
सुर्ख लबों पर सूखे मंज़र
देख सिसकता जाता कब तक।

भोर हुई लो चली ज़िंदगी,
रफ़्तार पलों में सिमटी सिमटी
हर पल डर कर, हर पल मर कर,
चिर सत्य झुठालाता कब तक।

अब समय आ गया मधुरिमा,
आकाश तरंगों में जीने का,
अंतरतम के प्रबल तेज से
जर्जर मन को सीने का,

हर शाम क्षितिज के धुंधलके में
नत मस्तक हो कर करूं पुकार
एक देव, सिर्फ एक पुजारी
कुछ वचन पुष्प तुम करो स्वीकार।