Friday, November 14, 2008

More of bard speak

Long journey is long journey. Boring, frustrating, tumultuous and soul searing at times. Once I pass the intimidating gate, I know, there is no stopping. Yet there are waiting periods and buffers.. even inside the cabin, when I know it is just about few more moments, captain announces delays in taking off...anxiety mounts...palpitations of new world surface all over me...
Bard was alone in the journey. Bard is alone in the wait, surrounded by people unconcerned.
Engine has started. There is some respite as the air-conditioner started as well. Anxiety of the journey is coming to an end. As restless souls get ready for cocooning, Bard is ready for the transforming leap into the new world.
Plane turns and crawls towards the runway. Weary eyes and tired souls are looking at the endless emptiness that is dazzling with the million lights along sides. A single machine with hundreds of living beings inside is standing in readiness to fly at this long empty stretch of road. There are no hassles of traffic and no guides anymore. Bard is shivering with the strange sensation of deja vu. O Lord, may be divinity is next!
As the engine picks up speed and the giant ostrich runs on the road alone, leaving all the guides of the ground gaping wide, Bard is holding the seat tight. "Am I flying or being flown?" The great question wanders his mind-space.