Friday, June 25, 2010

So long

so long....
I have been shying away
draped in rags
humbled by the destiny
I am recuperating inside

When we departed
I was a busy trader
trading everything for better;
You said nothing...

When I drifted
I was a lonly leaf on water
floating lazily, aimlessly
with the flow
toward the fall...

When there was call
I was alone at sea
only giant sounds and tiny lives throbbing around me
How fearful it was!

Now that I am on my way back
with your sweet memories in my heart
there is some blankness in mind
an empty slate
to meet and write
another epic
all over again!!

How do I face you..
You the princess of dawn
in all fineries of golden glow
blind my eyes even at a glance
Leave alone coming क्लोसे.

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