Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Again a long break!

I have been travelling.

You’ve been travelling too.

I see you

You can see me.

Inside a circular ring, there have been no meeting points.
Every evening, the thought of a pause and surrender cross my mind.

When I stop, you would naturally walk closer, I know.

I would know from my heart beats when you would be near.

I would know from my drooping eyes that you are near.

I don’t need to work really, if I am to meet you.

I don’t need to focus anywhere, not even on you.

The coming closer is as natural as the daylight.

Yet my feet fall behind and ahead of you,

In the ring.

I know one day,

You would come

And for all this waiting,

You would just pass through me.

as if I am but a  medium, Madhurima.

Of events.

Of crossings.

Of circular-references.

Of repeating co-incidences.

Age after age

Birth after birth

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