Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Long road

Long road with small alleys
enticing and indulgent
in skin, in spirit
everyday, in every ways,
with dust laden shoes,
with wait-riveted eyes,
with prayers full of heart,
with faces full of art,
with crooks that never abide,
with rooks that never subside
 loot that hits the just in face,
the brute, that just finds ways,
it rains;
it drains,
it screams,
still dreams.
vagrant like nothing connects to earth
divine likes stars in the hearth.
very messy.
Often times repulsive.
Making the blood boil.
As if the one who designed- the lunatic; still lives on.
on and on and on.

But then,
back then,
there were signs
of broad carriage-ways.
Colour and glimmer that
filled the days.
Shinning chariot, full of rays,
of humble heart and godly praise
around the corner, near and close
would come by the road it happily chose.
back then.
it was all smooth like wind
and clean like rain.
back then.

One day,
sights will converge
around the surge
the narrow and the closed,
the open and the flawed,
the resists and the relays
comes and the delays
will all converge,
when bard meets
on this long road, with small alleys.